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Falck Autoabi

Our telephone operator works 24 h and on 365 days a year.
Helping and securing you 24 h on all days a year.
Falck Autoabi renders emergency aid services all over Estonia. Our company operates an alarm telephone. We provide our partners with professional and comprehensive service all the year round 24 hours a day, so that they can service their clients better than ever.

We service motor vehicles of various make and render emergency 24 h services for different insurance companies.
Rosqvist OÜ helps upon traffic accidents or vehicle breakdowns. We provide our clients with telephone help-desk and emergency aid services. If the wheels do not move, you will need a competent technician and high-class professional help.

Towing Aid and Technical Service of Vehicles 24 h on 365 days a year, all over Estonia.
Emergency Aid from one number - 1888, wherever your location. Our telephone operator works 24 h and on 365 days a year. An all-Estonian network of technical and towing aid guarantees you the quickest professional help possible.

Have a safe journey!​​

Laki 11
12915 Tallinn
+372 6979 179

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